Equipment Hire

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Equipment Hire

T&T Sound Light Hire & Sales was started in 1989 and has built a reputation for providing a comprehensive range of quality equipment for the entertainment sector at affordable prices!

We offer dry hire (supply only) and wet hire (we supply, delivery and set-up) from simple disco systems for self operation up to large stage systems. You are welcome to contact us for expert advice. Our range of equipment is constantly changing and keeping up with new technology, if we do not have in stock what you require we can source it from our professional contacts in the hire sector. We will also collect and set up for you.

We have an example price list for 2016 ready below and have some selected items for you to view.



Acme impossible led effect (see photo) £ 15
Acme invincible led effect £ 15
Genius Super quark Gobo Flower 250w ELC £ 15
Genius Super Quark Gobo Flower 250w MSD £ 20
Genius Physco Oil Wheel Projector £ 20
Genius Compact Scanner 100w £ 12
UV Cannon 400w £ 18
Robe AT Colour Mix Wash 150 Halide £ 20
Kam 3 D Laser £ 15
Theatre Lights Fresnel & Spot 500/1000w £12
Laser Animation £20
NJD 2×1 m Star Cloth for disco frontage £10
Par 56 Raylight 500w £ 4
Floor Stand for Par Lights £ 1
Par 64 Long Nose 1000w £ 5
ADJ Vizi Barrel Scanner £40
 Genius Barrel Scanner 250w  £15
Par 56 X 8 Band Lighting System comes with stands and control £ 40
Outside Flood Lights 1000/500 w 16 amp £ 7.50
Griven outside colour changers 150w MSD £ 20
UV tube fitting £ 5
Mirror Ball 20 inch with motor (see photo) £ 20

Stands /Trussing

Ultimate Disco Stands 4 & 6 ft with over head lighting bar £ 15
Lighting stands with T bar £ 6
Mobileteck winch stands 4.2 m 80 kgs £ 30
Clamps various from £ 1
Powered T Bar £ 5

Lighting Control

Wizard  192  Chan DMX £ 15
Elation Show Designer DMX £ 20
NJD 8000s 4×2000 watt £ 20
NJD 4004 chase ,sound to light & switch pack 4 ch £ 15
Sound Lab 64 ch simple DMX controler £ 10

Special Effects

Small Hazer With Fluid £20
Smoke Fluid per lt £ 5
Snow Machine + 1 lt fluid £ 20
Snow Fluid £ 5
Large Hazer (Antari HZ 4000) £40
Bubble Machines From £ 10


Numark Mixer + dac Midi Control for laptop systems

Yamaha DX 15+Horn Active 1100Watts Each Pair £40
QSC K 10 Active Speakers Pair £ 35
JBL Eon Passive Pair £ 20
Proel 15+ horn Passive Pair £ 25
Beyma 15 Sub 750 watt Pair £ 25
Yorkville 12 + horn monitors Pair £ 20
QSC  Amp 325 w per ch £ 20
DAS 15+horn active 800 watt speakers £ 35
Phonic Amp 400 w per ch £ 15
Yamaha mixer 12 ch £ 20
Multicore 12×4 £ 15
SM 58 s Mic £ 7
SM 57 mic £ 7
Twin Nuwmark CD Turntables USB Drives & MX 1400 Mixer Inflight Case  £40
Shure PG 48 mic £ 5
Cardioid vocal/instrument mic £ 5
Karaoke twin radio mic set £ 10
Trantec head worn radio mic set £ 12
Sennheiser 135 Radio mic £ 15
Warrior 3 piece radio mic kit £ 12
Sennheiser  845s mic £ 7
Matrix STR 1500 amp £ 15
Budget mic £ 4
Karaoke System twin cd + mixer 1000 cdgs radio mic,s tv monitor amps and speakers, includes every thing you need to run your own karaoke night £70
Disco System twin cd +mixer amps mic speakers and ipod input £ 50
Disco System as above but with lighting package (see photo) £ 75
Dennon X-120 mixer £ 20

Video Projectors

Package1. Video Projector + 60″ screen front projection. needs plenty of space £ 50
Package2. Ultra Short Throw Projector 70″ + rear projection screen. takes very little room. (see photo and rear photo) £ 80
Package3. Ultra short throw video projector + 3 m x 2.4 m rear & front projector screen (for large presentations) £ 180


Above is just a small selection of our hire stock, price is for weekend dry hire (you collect, set-up yourself and return) and Fluids Are Extra – contact us for more details.

For Wet Hire (we deliver, set-up and return for you) please contact us for quote.

Hire Conditions

The full Terms and Conditions of Hire are HERE, and we advise that you read these in full prior to signing our Hire Contract.

Please note:

1. TWO forms of identification will be required when collecting goods. This must include a PASSPORT. We will hold these items during the hire period.

2. Payment is accepted by Cheque or Cash.

3. No equipment will be release prior to full payment being made.


You are responsible for the insurance of goods on hire and will be liable for any damage or theft. The only exception is if our personnel accompany the equipment during the hire (this includes delivery and return). If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Hire Rates

DAILY RATE: Defined as any 24 hour period from collection to return during our office hours. (Hire starting on Saturday at 12 noon must be returned by Monday at 12 noon – our office is closed on Sundays – see back cover for opening hours).

WEEKLY RATE: Defined as any period up to 7 days and any 7 day period thereafter, collected and returned within opening hours.


Order by telephone, email or fax during office hours. We will require the start and end date, a list of equipment required, whether delivery/collection is required, and where the equipment will be used. Unless you have an account, payment is on collection.

Delivery & Collection

We can arrange delivery and collection of your hire equipment, or you can collect it from our premises. If delivery is required, a charge will be levied based on the distance and quantity of equipment.